Travel Agencies and Telemarketing Software

Travel Agencies and Telemarketing Software

Travel agencies often have to seek out their customers through telemarketing campaigns. Since traveling can be expensive, these companies and agents need to choose their potential customers very wisely, in order to improve their overall chances of making a sale. It would be somewhat silly to place hundreds of calls, while knowing that the consumer isn’t going to be interested or won’t be able to afford the expenses. This is why it is important to set up an efficient campaign, which will target the appropriate individuals. In order to do this, it is wise to rely on telemarketing software for travel agencies. Below, you will discover the amazing benefits of this powerful software.


Throughout the years, telemarketing has been used in a variety of different manners. Some companies use this strategy, as a way to increase and expand their database of customers. Of course, debt collectors can rely on these techniques, as a way to get into contact with debtors, while collecting their money. On the other hand, travel agencies can potentially sell their packages and vacations, by calling customers and offering them discounts.

Benefits for Travel Agents

Travel agents are very busy people, who work chaotic schedules. It is helpful, if these individuals are able to manage their time in a more effective manner. If it is possible to eliminate the need to place a phone call, or several phone calls, an agent can use this time to generate more sales and make a bigger profit. This is why it is important for these individuals to rely on Call Center Now, which can automate the entire process and give the agent more time to complete sales. With the ability to place agent-less calls, the agent will be able to contact potential customers, without doing anything. The software will deliver a pre-generated message to the consumer, in hopes of generating a lead.

More Informed Calls

When attempting to seal the deal, it is very helpful to know as much about the potential customer, as possible. If you have their full name, state of residence and potential income, you will be able to put together a better pitch, which will have a much better chance for success. This is exactly the type of service you will be able to deliver, when you rely on progressive dialing. As soon as you prepare to place a call, you will be able to view the customer’s information, before they pick up.

Scheduling your Calls

Since nobody wants to be bothered, when they set down for dinner, it is crucial to configure the software and set up an effective schedule. It is wise to schedule your calls at the appropriate time, in order to catch your customers in a good mood. With the Call Center Now software’s predictive dialer, you will be able to schedule campaigns and place calls at specific times. This will drastically improve your chances of selling a vacation package or reserving a room at your resort. All in all, the software will completely revamp your campaign and allow you to deliver better results to your company.