How To Prepare You Child For The Wonderful Summer Months

Summer is quickly approaching, school will soon be out, and the kids will be running wild. Of course, you probably won’t get to enjoy much of it because you will be working, but there are even more things that you have to do in order to get your kid ready for the glorious months ahead.

Safety During The Night

Since your kid has been forced to be in bed by 9 pm for the past 10 months or so, it is only going to be natural that they want to stay out late playing with their friends. Whether they are out riding bikes or just walking around the neighbor, you need to talk to your kids about being aware of drivers on the road. Anyone driving into the neighbor during the later hours will probably tired from working and won’t be fully aware of other people or bikers on the road. When you mix in the limited daylight this is only a recipe for disaster.

However, you can purchase you kids a pair of LED shoes that will make them visible to anyone. These shoes are trendy and are something that all the kids are wearing. It won’t even be something that you have to force your kids to wear, they will immediately slip into them without any arguments, and you can rest assured that you kid will be visible during the night hours.

Drinking Plenty Of Fluids

Along with the summer months come the hot summer sun. Since your kids will probably be out playing like wild in the sun all day long it is important that they stay hydrated. Be sure that you speak with them about drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day, because the sun can really drain their body of fluids. You would be surprised at how many kids end up dying for dehydration each year because they didn’t even realize they were dehydrated.

Wearing The Appropriate Protection

Whether your kids will be hitting the basketball court or the beach this summer, it is important to remember that the sun can be harsh on the skin. You need to make sure that you kids have the appropriate protection. Sunglasses can keep the sun from damaging the eyes, and sun tanning lotion in always a must for the skin. Just remember that if you kid is hitting the beach with their light up shoes they need to be careful, because too much water can damage the battery in the shoes. While the shoes are safe from light rain and snow, too much water can damage the shoes.

Safely Lock The House

Regardless of where you live there is always a threat of intruders and break-ins. While your kid will be anxious to get out and play with his or her friends you need to take the time to talk to your kid about safely locking up this house. Make sure they know how to set and disable the alarm, and never let anyone they don’t know into the house. Make sure they always carry a copy of the house keys, so they can get back inside.